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“You Want Me To What?!

January 23, 2011

Fix it. I want you to fix it. Yes, I said it! That phrase that has been nearly obliterated from our modern vocabulary. “It’s not worth fixing”, “Cheaper to just buy a new one”, and on and on it goes.
It wasn’t that long ago, nearly every self respecting town, boasted an appliance repair shop. I recently discovered however; those days are long gone!

It all started when my beloved Kitchen Aid mixer made a funny noise and – GASP! – bogged down in the middle of one of our bread making sessions. After rocking back and forth, clutching it to my bosom, and whispering tenderly that “Mommy will make it all better!”, I made the decision to seek professional advice. “No problem,” I thought. Just whip out the old phone book and go to it! After confidently jotting down a few phone numbers, I set about the task of calling.

A sense of foreboding began to set in when, I got to the 4th number on my list, and it too was disconnected. So you can imagine my wild excitement, when a real live person answered the next one I tried! There was hope after all. Repair men were not mythical creatures on par with unicorns, pink elephants, and the cable guy! But my joy was short-lived.

The perky lady, who answered the phone, had no idea what a counter top mixer WAS! In my state of utter shock, I involuntarily muttered something sarcastic about it being a small appliance, that resides on one’s counter, traditionally used for mixing things. Like FOOD for example……
Still astonished, I asked again if this was a small appliance repair shop. Polly Positive assured me it was indeed. And furthermore, she was going personally, to inquire whether or not, they could repair this mysterious creature known only as “Counter Top Mixer”.
When she came back, I was cheerfully informed, they could most certainly repair my mixer! (I know, quick recovery huh!). The charge would be $25 to look at it. Extra if the mixer needed taken apart for repairs.

At this point, I knew three things: #1. The issue could NOT be solved by merely staring it down (naturally, I tried THAT first thing!). So $25 would be only the beginning of my investment. #2. These people were NOT touching my mixer! and #3. I felt that they should pay ME $25 to look at my gorgeous Kitchen Aid mixer. Because after all, before I waltzed into their lives, they didn’t even know what one WAS!

So, you ask, what did I finally do? I called the last number, and a wonderful fellow, who said his name was Ray, answered the phone. He said he’d look at Old Red for free, but based on her behavior, he already knew what was ailing her. The repair would cost $40 or less, including parts. Ray told me they were closed on Saturdays, but if that day worked better for me, I was welcome to call and come by, because he was sometimes there on the weekends.

As I hung up the phone, I had to smile. I had reached a real person, who was friendly and knowledgeable. But most important to me, he knew EXACTLY what I meant when I said, “Yes, I want you to fix it!”

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  1. Krystle permalink
    January 31, 2011 5:37 pm

    lol! I love your blogging! I am laying here in my hospital bed trying not to laugh because it hurts like hell!!! But you crack me up, because the things that you are talking about are so true….. Please keep writing because i am enjoying all of it!!! Ready for some kalua cake!

    • February 1, 2011 8:22 am

      Awww thanks! lol well don’t blow a gasket! I hope you get to feeling better! I’m glad you enjoy my blog! It’s been fun getting it started. I still get writer’s block a lot though but I’m sure that will get better! I will definitely keep writing! Oh, and I’ll be sure and make you some kalua cake soon!

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