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Why The Screen Door You Ask?

January 24, 2011

Well, I was pondering the other day – yes, I do that at random.  Washing dishes, showering, cooking, walking the dog, gardening…all good opportunities to ponder!  But I digress. – It seems to me, the screen door, in many ways embodies “Nostalgia”.  That feeling you get sometimes, like maybe you would like to go back, even for an afternoon, to a time when life was less complicated.   No matter which side of the screen door you started on, it was a portal to things held dear.

As you stepped inside, you were enveloped with the fragrant welcome of Mom’s cooking. The jewel tones of homemade jelly, summer in a jar, slathered on fresh bread, tempted you to try just one bite. Greedy fingers, risked life and limb, to steal the gooey perfection of cookies, straight from the oven.

Crisply starched aprons, flaky pie crusts, buttery biscuits, and tangy lemonade, along with Mom’s hugs and laughter, were sure to be found within. Many a bump in life’s road has been smoothed out over a pitcher of cold sweet tea.

A lot is uncertain in life. Few things can be counted upon. But you always knew (and if you’re lucky, know still) that if you needed it, comfort was just a short distance away. Through the screen door…..

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  1. Krystle permalink
    January 31, 2011 5:44 pm

    oh, you make me miss my mom more and more!!! The wierd thing is, you cant have those conversations with anybody like you can with your mom! You can sit there with your coffee and tell her everything in detail, and she will sit there and listen till you are done, and then give her opinion. And the wierd thing is, no matter what that opinion is, its ok, because its your mom and you love her and she loves you and it doesnt matter what the conversation was about! Shes going to love you no matter what! Wish we lived closer together so we could sit and have coffee and gossip!!! Keep writing, its great!

    • February 1, 2011 8:25 am

      Awww I’m sorry. You’re very brave to be able to be as far away from your Mom as you are. Especially with babies. I’m not sure I could do that! We already know you’re really strong though, how many woman after all, could handle pregnancy while their husband is so far away! You’re totally right, you can only have those types of conversation with your Mom. Not sure why, but you can! I wish you lived closer too! I think I’m going to try to figure out how to get a smaller car here soon though so then I’ll come up and visit more! It’s just such an ordeal with a big truck! And, mine is in the shop right now so I’m driving Austin’s blue beast lol. Get to feeling better!!! :o)

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