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Spring…..will it ever get here…?

February 28, 2011

After my shower last night, as I toweled off and watched the steam continue to rise in the arctic zone that is my bathroom, I was already anticipating the delicious warmth of my down comforter. Until you’ve lived in a drafty old lady with hardwood floors, you my friend, have not been truly cold! I dried off and threw on PJs as fast as I could, charged out the bathroom door, barreled up the stairs, and burst into our bedroom……ahhhh, toasty pellet stove induced warmth!

In my opinion, one of the big selling points of our house, aside from the big yard, was the pellet stove in the master bedroom. For me, it was love at first sight! And now that I know how frigidly cold the place can get, the practicality is a major factor as well. Let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like a cold December night, burrowed deeply beneath a feathery comforter with Honey and dogs, falling asleep to the lullaby of flickering flames. It’s the coziest feeling in the world!

Which reminds me, what is up with the weather?! I’m starting to think “Sunny California” and “Global Warming” are mass marketing ploys!

Just a few weekends ago, I was cavorting about my garden, in a tank top, planting boysenberries with my Dad, Honey and critters. My friend Anna published a post about it on her blog LocalChoices

My baby fruit trees have more faith than I do, they are determinedly pushing out buds. Most of the almond orchards nearby seem to agree as they doggedly cling to blossoms. This afternoon wasn’t too frigid. I got to be outdoors in the sunshine for a little while at least. That’s one thing I don’t like about working full time indoors (one thing of many, but that’s a whole other conversation!), I feel as if I never see sunlight! I make up for it every weekend during the summer though. I frolic barefoot in the garden, ride my beach cruiser, and let the dogs take me for a walk.

As I sit cuddled in a blanket with Cassidy (German Shorthaired Pointer who is a professional snuggler and snooze champion), as close to the stove as we both dare, I have decided to use the remaining cold to plan out my garden and “mini farm”. My Dad is going to help me build the raised beds I want. I will most likely elicit help with the chicken coop as well. I’ve never built a residence for poultry and it seems an undertaking fraught with potential mishaps and failures! I am determined however. Every backyard farmer worth their salt has chickens and a garden!

Besides, being the “Pied Piper” to a flock of clucking “Ladies” is something everyone should experience at least once in their life! And it’s common knowledge that cookies taste ever so much yummier if you’ve collected the eggs yourself. Oh yes, I’m starting to get excited. Spring will be here soon.

After all, trees never lie!

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